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Remember when you were a child, and sitting down criss-cross applesauce was simple and natural? Now, Most people can either not get into that position or sit comfortably in it for very long. That's just one example.

When we were young children, we were mobile, loose and our bodies moved freely. Studies actually show that around the age of 5.5 years old, the typical American child loses their ability to breathe properly. They lose the natural, uninhibited function of their diaphragm. This is due to less time spent sitting on the ground, less time spent playing around outside and most shockingly, a result of the development of the ego and the curse of obstructing your physical posture in result to trauma or social stimulus (Deep topic, we will explore in more depth). Most of us have lost the proper function of our primary breathing muscle, which gets progressively more dysfunctional as you get older. If you do not breathe properly, you will not move properly and thus experience nagging injuries.

I myself realized this about myself after sustaining a serious shoulder injury due to repetitive weight lifting. I thought I was healthy & indestructible, until I could not longer workout at all. I underwent surgery and STILL did not feel relief after. This took a huge toll on my mental health, as weight lifting was my outlet. I suffered severe depression and thought I was screwed forever.

Long story short, I found Yoga. I always thought Yoga was only for girls, but I was SO wrong! I began taking Yoga classes every single day and watching my body heal. Soon enough, I built a lean, powerful body and healed, not only my shoulder and other physical limitations, but I began to heal my mind.

I have always struggled with ADHD my entire life, and through my Yoga and meditation practice, I began to see changes. I was also helpless in this area, I just thought my inability to focus, complete tasks on time or see my goals through to the finish was an immutable part of my nature. Again, I was wrong.

Soon after, I began experimenting with Calisthenics, now that my joints were feeling strong and supple. I saw major improvements in my physique and only got stronger and stronger. Even stronger than I'd been in my weight lifting days. 

Another long story short, I began practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, since my body was feeling so strong and loose. Following this, I started undergoing intense Kettlebell training, to push my fitness to the next level. I've never felt, looked or performed as well as I do now, in my entire life.

Primal Instinct is here to bring you access to EVERYTHING you need to live a long, healthy life. We have Yoga designed to counteract the damage done by years of sitting and lack of movement. Calisthenics to build on that foundation to make your stronger and further improve your physique. And finally, Kettlebell and HIIT training to take your fitness and well-being to professional athlete levels.