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Kettlebell Consciousness | 6 Week Program

  • 6Weeks
  • 2Steps


We make exercise addicting. Not a burden. If you get anxious going to the gym, feel tired during the day, not sleeping right, have bad gut health. Then this 6 week Kettlebell Program will transform you into a version of yourself you never knew existed. With workouts no longer than 30 minutes, there's no room for excuses. Becoming fitter also means you become more educated, you'll learn the fundamental kettlebell movements, including the Swing, Clean, Press, Squat, Thruster, Get up and Snatch, with short "how-to" videos. Adopting a healthy lifestyle starts from within, so I’ve also added a full meal plan and nutritional philosophy to help garner you achieve your goals quicker! Creating a healthier mind, body and soul to be the best version of yourself. And if you find it hard to stay consistent, or just get bored of the same old thing, I add new workouts each week, so you'll never hit a plateau. Perfect for all fitness levels and great for cross-training with your sport, or other fitness related training you do! After your first workout you’ll see just how fun it is! Start with a comfortable kettlebell weight of your choosing; I recommend 16-20kg for men and 8-12kg for women. Take the first step and watch your mind, body, and spirit transform. Let’s get started. **All you'll need is one kettlebell and a pull up bar for the entire program (can sub out pull ups if needed)

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