Change Your Breath Change Your Life

Chances are, you are breathing incorrectly. Right now, and every day. This could be contributing to mental health issues as well as physical pain and limitations.

Why? Because most people in our day and age do not fully utilize the diaphragm to breathe. The diaphragm is your main breathing muscle. Look it up on Google right now, or look at the cover image for this blog post. It’s a big muscle, located in a very central, important area of your body.

By not fully utilizing this big, powerful muscle to breathe, the surrounding musculature is effected. Compensation occurs and your posture is obstructed. This can turn into scoliosis and a whole host of other postural problems. Not to mention you are promoting inflammation and acidity in the body by not fully breathing.

As you can see, the diaphragm is sitting right above the organs of your gut, responsible for digestion. Our shitty food intake is a HUGE culprit as to why so many of us are not breathing correctly.

How does breathing effect your mental health? If you haven’t gotten the message yet, here it is, YOUR MIND IS YOUR BODY. When your body isn’t working, your mind isn’t either.

Faulty breathing can cause anxiety, depression, ADHD or all of the above! The way you breathe determines which neurological state you are in. For example, most of us, since we are not utilizing our main breathing muscle, are not taking full, deep breaths. This will leave you in a perpetual fight or flight state since your sympathetic nervous system won’t shut off.

A perpetually active Sympathetic Nervous system elicits ruthless, nagging anxiety which will lead you to a doctor who will give you some pills that will initially make you feel amazing, but fail to solve the root cause. Then, these medications will basically have a paradoxical effect over time, leaving you more anxious than before. Go ahead and ask Jordan Peterson.

And this is the world we live in today. It’s fucking sad. There are no quick fixes. To truly rid yourself of some of these chronic problems, you have to take the time to correct your problems. This takes practice and dedication, just like anything in life.

So, if your mental health means anything to you, begin to incorporate a short, daily breathing practice. Then, sit back and watch your life drastically change. It’s truly amazing.

Start off with this: Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 1 second & breathe out for 6 seconds. All through your nose if possible. As you breathe in, your torso should expand 360 degrees and as you exhale it should contract. Sounds simple and easy, but easier said than done. Try this for 5 mins a day and gradually build to 10+. You’ll become addicted because it’s so game-changing.

Be patient with yourself. Remember, trust the process, it takes care of everything. All you have to do is show up and be consistent.

If you’d like 1-1 help establishing a life-changing breathing practice, book a consultation.

Peace out, much love!

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