How Hanging Changed My Life

I’m a very high strung person and I’ve always been addicted to the pump. That feeling you get in your muscles after a good workout. My outlet, ever since I was young, was always physical.

In high school, and into my first year of college, my outlet was weight lifting. When I injured my shoulder, it was all down hill from there. I started developing more and more anxiety & depression; then drugs and alcohol became my main outlet.

That kind of lifestyle is sustainable only for so long… I knew I had to fix my shoulder if I were to ever feel like my old self again. So I did. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he “repaired” my torn labrum.

Without really even digging deeper into my underlying movement patterns or dietary habits, both of which were the real problems, he cut me open. Fast forward 1 year of recovery time, and my shoulder felt worse. You can imagine how depressed I was.

My entire image and ego had been surrounded around being this ripped, fit dude. Now, I was some skinny injured dude. Humbling to say the least.

Through my own self-experimentation and further research, I began realizing the problem was not just my shoulder. It was stemming from my breathing mechanics, which effected my movement patterns, which ultimately led to a dysfunction in my shoulder’s ability to move properly.

I had to find a way on my own; our failing & corrupt medical system was not going to help me. Not only that, I knew I was being lazy. Only I really know my body. I live in it all day every day & I am truly the one who knows the ins and outs. I was acting just like everyone else; completely letting go and putting it in the hands of doctors and listening to what everyone else told me. Never did I think to research my own body through movement and search for answers within.

As crazy as this sounds, until you do this, NONE of you problems will be fixed; whether they be mental, physical or spiritual. No one can bring you to this place of knowing besides you. Remember, feeling is knowing. Feeling is understanding.

I began delving into a regular yoga practice which led me to research other styles of yoga and movement online. I stumbled upon Ido Portal, and it was all history from there.

Ido Portal is obsessed with the human body and expression through movement. One simple tip he offered was to hang every single day.

Keep in mind, if you don’t use it, you lose it. As human beings, our shoulders are our most complex and mobile joint, and we are meant to hang, swing, throw and much more. Most of us never place this type of stress on our shoulders. We sit all day long then proceed to press heavy weights over our head in the afternoon, then wonder why we’re tearing through our joints. This is exactly what I was doing.

Our joints are weak because we don’t place necessary stress on them. We are meant to hang, it’s literally a cat stretch for humans. However, most of us never do. And if we do, it’s only for a second until we start doing pull ups, chasing that pump.

Grab onto a bar, kill your ego & just hang. Hanging is an ESSENTIAL human movement, use it or lose it.

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