Addiction | Carbs, Fasting & Fat

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Addiction has a negative connotation, but we are all creatures of habit. We’re all addicted to things.

Being creatures of habit, addiction becomes inevitable. So it really comes down to which habits you engage in. If you do not instill habits, then your environment will.

Well, maybe your environment already has, and you, like most people, have a habit or two they would consider NOT beneficial to their well-being.

What do carbs, fasting and fat have to do with addiction? Well, as you will see, a whole damn lot.

Carbs. Let’s cut to the chase here. A diet in excess carbohydrates will prime you for addiction. Carbohydrates were typically not plentiful to our hunter-gather ancestors. We are extremely sensitive to carbs and sugar. Now, with our abundance of carbs and sugar, we constantly zap our pleasure reward centers. Doing so basically makes it harder for you to feel motivated and enjoy and overall sense of well-being. This will cause you to be more susceptible to certain addictions like shitty food (carbs and sugar), drugs and alcohol.

Why drugs and alcohol? Well, when you’ve dampened your pleasure-reward circuits, it will take more of anything to feel good. Therefore, you may be more likely to take drugs or drink alcohol to supplement that empty feeling.

When you constantly eat carbs and sugar, you raise the threshold of what it takes to feel pleasure. Therefore, you make it more likely that you’ll engage is risky behavior or indulge in food, drugs or alcohol to meet that pleasure mark.

Fasting. How does fasting have anything to do with addiction? I’m glad you asked. It’s actually an amazing way to OVERCOME addiction.

Think of it, food is our most hardwired “addiction”. Our body NEEDS food and aside from Oxygen and Water, it’s top priority. So, fasting can be thought of as the most pure and basic exercise of mind over body.

By consciously resisting the urge to eat when you’re hungry, you’re essentially doing the opposite to your pleasure/reward centers; you’re re-sensitizing them by depriving them of the most fundamental pleasure in all of life. (Besides sex) And by doing that, you essentially make it easier to feel good in your skin.

This is what we're all after. We all just want feel good in our own skin and have a sense of control. I promise you, by exercising fasting, you will train that within you.

Much love as always, hit me up if you need anything.

- Trevor

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