No one tells you this about meditation

Meditation is all the rage now. But, how do you do it?

I’ll cut to the chase here. If you’ve tried meditating, you know how frustrating it can be and how it almost feels like nothing is being accomplished. You sit there, fidget a little, 5 minutes pass and you’re like, “fuck this”, and carry on with your day.

Here is the secret sauce… Your brain is an organ. Your heart beats, your stomach digests, and your lungs supply the bloodstream with oxygen. Your brain thinks.

When you meditate, do you expect your heart to stop beating? Do you expect your stomach to stop digesting? Do you expect your lungs to stop functioning? Why do you expect your brain to stop thinking? THAT’S WHAT THE BRAIN DOES, IT THINKS.

The trick to meditation is to watch your thoughts. Just let them happen, don’t try to resist them. Meditation is literally the practice of doing nothing. Once you’ve practiced for some time, you’ll start to notice something; your thoughts are not you.

Once you get to the point where you’re able to watch your thoughts and detach yourself from them, ask yourself a few questions; this is where the magic happens.

Who is thinking? Who is watching/listening? Who am I?

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