Training for fat loss & muscle gain

Deep down this is what we’re all after. A lean, muscular physique.

The most important thing is optimizing your hormones. Not calories in calories out. We all have a friend who eats like shit and remains shredded. This is typically due to the fact that they’re genetically predisposed to optimized hormones. Don’t worry, thanks to epigenetics, you can optimize your circadian rhythm and reap the rewards.

This is why intermittent fasting is so effective. Yes, you’re tapping into your stored fat cells and whatnot, but you’re also optimizing your circadian rhythm; you’re internal biological clock that controls which hormones are released when.

Release fat burning, catabolic hormones in the morning and anabolic restorative hormones in the evening. Capitalizing on the right hormones being released at the right time results in fat loss and muscle gain.

Let’s talk about the most important forms of exercise to capitalize on your fat loss and the intermittent fasting. You want to either do some sort of heavy lifting, short intense cardio, or long easy cardio. NOT long, intense cardio; this is a common misconception. Long bouts of intense cardio will not give you that lean muscular physique, it can actually result in more of the skinny fat physique because your elevating stress hormones and putting your body in a perpetual catabolic state.

Marathon runner vs. sprinter. Google the difference right now. Who would you rather look like?

However, the other forms of exercise, heavy lifting and/or short intense cardio will boost your metabolism, release more testosterone and have lasting calorie torching effects.

Examples of these kind of exercises are jumping rope, sprinting, kettlebell circuits, bodyweight HIIT, and lifting weights.

Notice how I didn’t say long distance biking, running or swimming. Because those activities are at just high enough of an intensity to actually end up burning some muscle off of your body, especially when fasted, as well as elevate stress hormones in your body while making you more hungry. So you end up burning muscle, preventing fat from being burned due to all the stress hormones and increasing your hunger so you end up eating more and undoing all your hard work. Thus, you are susceptible to skinny fatness.

Long, easy cardio, such a walking, is an amazing exercise to do while fasted. It’s at just a high enough intensity where you’ll be burning fat without burning muscle or elevating your hunger substantially. It’s also great for your mind, more of a moving meditation.

I like the jump rope because it’s a little faster pace of cardio and engages my muscles quite a bit. You’re in more of that HIIT zone, and you don’t have to do it for too long. REMEMBER excess cardio actually ends up lowering testosterone.

If you’d like to work with me 1-1, I’ll get you to where you need to be. HMU!

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