What's the opposite of depression?

Everybody has felt depressed. Maybe you feel it right now.

Depression is much more than just the abstract idea of being sad. It is a visceral feeling; a lack of physical energy and desire to move.

What’s the opposite of depression? Expression.

Why are so many people in our day and age depressed? You would think it would be the opposite… It’s never been a better time to be alive as a human being. I mean we no longer have to fear deadly predators in the wild, we have all the food we need and more, we don’t even have to walk anymore thanks to cars and we got iPhones! What’s there to be depressed about?!

Well, that’s just it. It’s all of these modern day constituents that we all take for granted and can’t live without, that are causing this mass epidemic of depression. Why?

Because struggle is one of the most crucial parts of being a human. Without struggle there is no growth or sense of achievement. Therefore, that system begins to atrophy in your mind. If you don’t use it you lose it.

If you don’t induce struggle on yourself, your mind will do it for you, as it needs something to quarrel with.

Back to my previous statement… Expression is the opposite of depression. What does that mean?

To counteract this feeling of being depressed, you MUST express yourself. Since we’re mostly talking about the visceral feeling of depression, of which we can ALL relate, I’ll talk about physical expression.

We need to physically express ourselves through movement. By not doing so, we’re suppressing our human nature, causing depressed energy levels.

Expression can be through yoga, dance, or exercise of any kind really. Think of the word exercise for a moment… Got to exercise your demons!

By physically expressing yourself, you will naturally flood your system with favorable endorphins and neurotransmitters which knock those depressive feelings right out. And, back to struggle, making that work grueling and uncomfortable will give you all the more release.

That is why I myself love vigorous workouts involving kettlebells or some sort of high intensity intervals. I’ve found that after these sessions, I’d give my worst enemy (if I even had one) a big hug.

Express yourself and induce struggle, so that you can reap the natural & potent chemical benefits of physical exercise and feel the sweet, pleasurable relief of completing a challenging physical task.

A lot of solutions around problems with the mind involve abstract exercises like talking through your problems and whatnot. That’s not bad. But again, there’s a TON of people who suffer from physical depression and aren’t necessarily “sad”. I’ve found that getting into my body, feeling the sensations and pushing it to its limits, has TREMENDOUS benefits for my mental health.

Try it. Next time you feel depressed or shitty, willfully force yourself to do some sort of movement or exercise.

You can start with this.

Much love everyone <3

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